Criminal Defense

Justin has spent his entire legal career practicing criminal defense.  As a defense attorney for the Colorado State Public Defenders Office he counseled thousands of clients on cases ranging from traffic tickets and DUI's to Crimes of Violence and First Degree Murder.

Advocating for a successful outcome in a criminal case requires a discerning mix of litigation strategies and shrewd negotiation techniques.  Justin puts these strategies and techniques to work, combing through the fine details of a case, building extensive mitigation, and executing well-researched motions and trial practice.   

Justin also understands the human elements at play in a criminal case.  His clients are often navigating not only legal turmoil but personal struggles with mental health, drug and alcohol addiction, divorce and child custody, or financial hard times.  Justin's practice is centered around non-judgmental understanding, compassion, and providing his clients a sense of relief, comfort, and well-being at an otherwise tumultuous point in their lives. 


Juvenile Defense

The Juvenile Justice System is distinct from the adult system in both its approach and goals.  Justin has extensive training in responding to the needs of young women and men including: therapeutic crisis prevention & intervention, social-emotional learning, trauma informed practices, child development, secondary education,  and restorative practices.  His combination of experience as an alternative high school teacher, public defender, and juvenile defense attorney give him a unique perspective and skill set for representing children and young adults.  


Guardian ad litem

Justin works with the Office of the Child's Representative on a contract basis to provide representation to children as Guardian Ad Litem.  In this capacity he acts as legal counsel and voice for the best interests of the child. Justin represents children in Dependency and Neglect, Juvenile Delinquency, and other miscellaneous cases requiring guardianship.  



The information on this website does not constitute legal advice or form an attorney-client relationship with those reading.  It’s purpose is to provide background and inform the reader of Justin Bawden’s practice areas.  


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